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Recently, I stopped into Anthropology to see if they had any on sale home items that appealed to me. Anthropology is known to be a little pricey. Yet, if you find some good sale items, you can get a pretty good deal. I only bought three items (this time) and only one of them was on sale. I feel like the website has more of a selection than in-store. Both online and in-store have an extra 20% off on sale.

So onto my buys…..

The Egg Crate


I really like this. It’s adorable, kind of has an “old country” feel. I was really drawn to this because I never have anything to separate my hard-boiled eggs from my others eggs. This will ensure I’m not cracking a raw egg unless it’s intentional.

It’s stoneware, Dishwasher and microwave safe. The dimensions are 2.75″H, 6″W, 4″D


I feel like you could also use this as a ring/jewelry holder.


Egg Crate Holder – Retails for $12.00 – Purchased for $ 4.25 (it’s not on sale online)

City Vignette Mug


Next I bought a mug….I have a mug collecting problem, I am aware of this. This was so beautiful, I could not resist. There are four other cities in the collection, but obviously I choose San Francisco. It’s a great quality mug with different landmarks from all over the city. (So much better than a tourist one.)


This mug has the best details all over. These are perfect gift ideas. I would consider getting all four if they ever end up on sale. The mug is Stoneware, Dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s 16 oz and Is 4.5″H, 5″ diameter.


City Vignette Mug – Retails for $12.00

Annees Folles Matchbox


These are an online exclusive. I went in-stores to order these as a gift. I bought the two different colors and had the greatest hopes for them despite the bad reviews. In pictures, they don’t look bad but in real life they look extremely cheap and Low quality. I do not recommend buying these unless they are on clearance. I returned these as soon as they arrived. The box has 100 matches and is made from paper.

Annees Folles Matchbox – Retails for $6.00 each

You never know when you can find a good deal at Anthro!


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