Chocolate Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookies


It’s been awhile….a lot has been going on but hopefully I can start blogging more regularly now. After moving around a ridiculous amount of time, I finally have my own place (life update & house tour soon to come).

It’s Saturday night, which is usually my night in, mostly because 48 Hour Mystery is on at 10pm. That means I am going to whip out my baking skills because it’s been awhile and try a new receipt. I decided to make chocolate peanut butter stuffed cookies.

What you need:
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup of brown sugar (packed)
1/2 cup of soften, unsalted butter
1 cup of creamy or chunky peanut butter
1 tsp vanilla extra
1 egg
3/4 cup powdered sugar


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Grab a medium size mixing bowl (I bought a three set one from Pyrex)

Mix together flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking soda. You can place this to the side as we will be using it later.

Now it’s time to get out the large mixing bowl and a hand mixer. Beat together the butter, sugar and 1/4 of the peanut butter. When it’s smooth, it’s done.


You can now crack the egg into the mixture, and add the vanilla. Beat until smooth. Slowly stir in the flour mixture. Once all mix, set aside.

It’s finally time to make the filling. Cream together the rest of the peanut butter and the powered sugar until smooth.


Assembling the cookies are easy. I used an ice cream scooper but you can you a large spoon. Scoop up the chocolate cookie dough and flatten it in your hand. Spoon a small amount of the peanut butter filling and place it in the middle of the cookie dough.


Now wrap the chocolate around the peanut butter filling, pinching together to seal. Smooth out the cookie by rolling it in your hands into a ball. Roll the ball into a bowl of sugar and then place it onto the cookie sheet (I skipped this part). Slightly flatten.


*I didn’t do this, but to easily remove your cookies from the sheet after it’s baked, place parchment paper down before the cookies.

Bake cookies for 6-8 minutes. Do not over bake. Let cool. Enjoy!



Dessert for Dinner


A few weeks ago I decided to explore a new spot in the city. If you aren’t familiar with San Francisco’s layout, it’s split up into different neighborhoods (kind of how New York is). After browsing Pinterest for SF’s top spots for about a half hour while enjoying my morning coffee, I decided on Ghirardelli Square. Yes, this chocolate company has its own little plaza in San Francisco. I myself did not know this was a real thing, but now I’m so glad I do. After I decided on my location, I got dressed, grabbed my bag and headed down on the bus to Ghirardelli Square, which is considered in the North Beach neighborhood. I have never been on this route or bus before, but thankfully I had my trusty app “Rover”, which is a lifesaver. If you have a location, but do not know how to get to it, you can put in the address and the app will tell you how to get there and what bus to take. I’m not sure if this app works for other cities, but if you are in SF, it’s a lifesaver!

Once I arrived, it became very hot (in the best way possible)! The bus drops you off in front of a gorgeous beach, seriously this beach is beautiful. Luckily for me there weren’t many people out. Before I even entered Ghirardelli Square, which was across the street, I did a quick walk on the beach. It was so nice to soak up the warm sun. (Side note, San Francisco is not always warm in the summer, most days it’s been in the 50’s, so any 70 degree weather, I’ll gladly take.)


After about twenty minutes of walking on the beach, I decided it was time to check out Ghirardelli Square.

It was kind of intimidating entering the “square”. There are stairs that you can enter but you can’t really see how it’s set up until you get into the building. The whole thing is mostly outdoors and is three stories high. It’s confusing but I feel like it makes more sense once you’re in there. When I got in there was live music playing, while young families listened. There were many people sitting in the sunshine, looking delighted, and eatting their chocolates and ice creams. I decided to bypass the music for the time being and checked out the stores instead. There are two Ghirardelli stores in the square (that I saw) filled with delicious chocolates and both had an ice cream parlor inside. They also handed out free samples, so that was a bonus in my books. There is also a high-end restaurant, a diner, a coffee kiosk, and countless SF gift stores.


When I finally figured out the lay of the land, I decided to get myself a dessert. After looking at the menu for a good 10 minutes, I decided on a caramel chocolate sundae. Although it was $10, I decided it was well worth it for a treat. It took less than five minutes for my mouth-watering dessert to come out. Once I picked it up, I decided to head back to the beach. I obviously couldn’t get enough of the view and the ice cream was the cherry on top, literally.


The ice cream sundae was out of this world, but I would highly recommend splitting one if you can. I, myself could not finish it all. It was truly my dinner for the night. After my attempt, I decided to head back into the square and do a little touristy shopping. There are lots of different stores, ranging from wine, to kids stuff to gift shops. I stopped into this cute little store called Lulu’s. If you want really cute SF gifts, this is the place to go. A little over priced if you ask me, but the staff is friendly and like I said, the stuff is really cute. I ended up buying a SF skyline mug. I also checked out some of the other stores, but didn’t stay long in any. I decided it was time to head back to my apartment, so I hopped back on the bus and headed home. I probably would have stayed longer, but I was on a sugar high and it was getting late.

I am so happy that I finally checked out Ghirardelli Square! I am looking forward to going back when a friend is in town or honestly on the next sunny day.